Sport Fishing Guides

Getting Started

Getting Started

Vancouver Island Fishing Charters: Find Your Sport Fishing Guide

All of the sport fishing guides listed in these pages operate fishing charters on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Some guides run fishing tours seasonally. Others run fishing tours year round. Many also offer other charter services, such as whale watching tours, wildlife tours, water taxi services, and more. For more information, browse the sport fishing guide listings or visit our map of Vancouver Island to find the sport fishing guide closest to you.

Booking Your Vancouver Island Sport Fishing Trip

After browsing the sport fishing guide listings and deciding where you want to go, contact your fishing guide directly using the contact information in each listing.

What to Bring on Your Sport Fishing Trip

Most BC sport fishing guides supply bait and tackle and can suggest accommodations that will pack lunches and freeze your catch at the end of the day. Check with your guide when you book your trip.

Visit Adventuresmart to see their recommendations for what to pack.